Hudson Builds it Better

Hudson Builds it Better

The Manufacturing of a Table

It’s easy to differentiate Hudson tables from the competition

From the playing surface to the seal and finish, Hudson Shuffleboards builds a better board. Check out the features and attributes and you’ll quickly be convinced. We’ll start with the shuffleboard’s primary element, the playing surface.

The playing surface on a Hudson Shuffleboard is constructed with rock-hard maple, which is hand selected. It is glued and milled in-house and never outsourced.  All planks are finger-jointed lengthwise, a characteristic found only with Hudson Shuffleboards.

The playing surface on our Berkeley, Grand Deluxe, Intimidator, Cirrus, Commercial, Ponderosa, Torino Limited, and Dominator lines is further strengthened by inlaying pieces of maple on the bottom of the board. This also provides more support to the joints. These inlays run perpendicular to the length of the table and are also strategically located at the ends of the table and at the location of the climatic adjusters.Hudson also takes a “green” approach. All the maple wood used is from local suppliers. “This reduces emissions because of less hauling/transit,” says Will Hudson, owner and founder of Hudson Shuffleboards. “Another plus …this helps support local businesses.”

While the table construction is a differentiation for Hudson, the sealing process for the table is equally as important. A proper seal ensures that the wood’s moisture content remains constant.  What happens if the wood isn’t sealed properly? Failing to seal it or seal it with an inferior product results in the board warping or twisting, making it difficult or impossible for play.

“The sides and bottom of our tables are sealed using a product specially developed for this use,” Hudson adds.  “The polymer poured on the top acts as a sealer in itself. Our polymer is by far the clearest and smoothest on the market. This gives our tables their trademark playability, which is preferred by the top players in the game.”  Hudson Shuffleboards were the preferred table of choice at all major shuffleboard tournaments and unanimously voted the #1 board by professional players in the state of Texas.

The features that set Hudson Shuffleboards apart from competitors don’t stop there. Hudson Shuffleboards also:

  • Never use green or wood that isn’t dry. Frequently you’ll see boards with a yellowish appearance or small ripples in the finish. This is the result of wood that is not ready to use.

  • Finish playing surface edges with a “true” 90-degree edge. Why? This process gives you full use of a 20-inch wide surface. Other boards feature a beveled edge for the sides and corners, making it nearly impossible to hang a weight on the edge.
  • Pours the epoxy finish with climatic adjusters attached to the table.  Climatic adjusters ensure that the table is level lengthwise and adjusted to the proper specifications width-wise.   Once this is done, the adjusters are gauged within a .001” accuracy and shipped ready to play.

Now that we’ve provided Shuffleboard Manufacturing 101, you can understand why the Hudson craftsmanship is tops in the industry.

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