Breaking Ground in Atlanta

Breaking Ground in Atlanta

Traveling “No Bollocks” tournament promotes newest Hudson Shuffleboard


This isn’t your daddy’s shuffleboard!

Forget those images of senior citizens ambling along a shuffleboard court near a beach high-rise with palm trees flowing in the background. This is your new millennium shuffleboard.

This rapidly growing sport is being played in the comfort of home entertainment centers, pubs, causal restaurants and community and fitness centers. But what’s going on now in Atlanta with the sport takes it to new level and further establishes its growing popularity. And  Hudson Shuffleboards, already an industry leader, is right in the middle of the action.

The No Bollocks Shuffleboard tournament, sponsored by  Newcastle Brown Ale, is a traveling or mobile tournament. It has been played in Atlanta pubs, microbreweries and water holes –16 teams, competing weekly for 12 weeks at 16 bars on the new lightweight and portable Hudson-manufactured tables. What makes it unique? It’s the table’s portability. The same tables are used each week.

“This type of event is unheard of and truly unique,” said Hudson Shuffleboards owner Will Hudson. “Shuffleboard has been played in watering holes and bars for years, but not like what’s taking place in Atlanta, where we’re folding up the shuffleboard tables and toting them to a different location every week. It’s a like a version of the NCAA basketball tournament.”

Sellouts, swilling and sales

How have shuffleboard enthusiasts responded to the No Bollocks tournament? Let’s say in overwhelming fashion. All  four rounds to date have sold out. Even the sponsor is giddy with the turnout.

Early reports indicated Newcastle Brown Ale is being swilled at record-pace at the events. The host venues are selling nearly twice the amount of Newcastle on tournament days than sold the entire month. Plus, more importantly the Newcastle distributor is receiving sales orders for other seasonal Heineken brands (Newcastle is owned by Dutch brewer, Heineken) as a result.

However, the centerpiece of the tournament is the groundbreaking, limited edition shuffleboard table, which Hudson will begin selling later this year. Here’s what makes it so unique:

  • It’s easily collapsible or set up in 15 minutes
  • Weighs about 200 pounds, less than half of a traditional 22-foot tournament table
  • Maintains the same functionality and craftsmanship qualities of all Hudson-built tables
  • It’s all-weather to set up on your deck or even your tailgate party before the big game
  • Crafted with Newcastle and Hudson brands

Back to the tournament … The No Bollocks event culminates November 17 at Atlanta’s Brewhouse Cafe where two finalists will compete for a $5,000 traditional Hudson Pro Shuffleboard. Each week participants also had a chance to win cool prizes including a trip to England to tour the Newcastle Brewery.

 Take a glimpse of the some of the No Bollocks tournament action so far

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